Simone Godde is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with a Masters of Science, Nutrition and Dietetics. She takes an unconventional approach that is then tailored directly to your needs. Simone can assist and provide information with the nutrition management of many conditions

Simone Godde offers holistic consultations and long term healthy eating techniques. Fix you Life, a day at a time.

Long Term – Sustainable Holistic Health

I approached Simone through the DSR mentor list. She was very helpful and supportive throughout the process. The study materials that she shared for the exam preparation were very useful and they helped me a lot. She shared links to different information resources and names of books to refer to for the exam.
This exam and the entire process can be a real stress for overseas dietitians but Simone encouraged me throughout this journey and gave me the best guidance. Thanks from the core of my heart for your efforts and encouragement.
Gagandeep Kaur Sandhu
Accredited Practising Dietitian
Private practice dietitian working at GP clinics
Lived in India (Punjab) before the exam and now residing in South Morang,VIC since 2019

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