Three little birds cafe – Chia Pudding

Three little birds cafe – Chia Pudding

Rev up your metabolism and break the fast.


I congratulate Three Little Birds café on this high calibre breakfast option for its taste and nutritional supremacy.

After sampling meagerly, due to its richness (almost fudge like) and bulk in my stomach I could only manage a cups worth of this generous helping.

The chameleon nature of chia seeds allowed it to take on the delicate and gentle flavours of coconut (from the high quality rich coconut milk/cream); sweetness from natural agave nectar and a contrast citrusy tart passion fruit pulp juice. The perfectly cook lightly seared /caramelised banana was an optional bonus. I couldn’t decide whether to mix in the banana with the rest of the pudding mix or eat it separately (1st world problems). Likewise the added straight vanilla coconut yoghurt was the highlight because of its decadence made me feel spoilt.

The texture was exquisite and addictive notably thick, heavy, creamy with the crispness of crunchy chia and passion fruit seeds.

Aesthetically, it was a masterpiece. Chia pudding on the bottom, then crossing over the coconut yoghurt topped with sliced, caramelised banana and brilliant contrast in colours added from the natural agave nectar and yellowy passion fruit pulp. Likewise, the delicate yellow and purple edible flowers topped off the dish. Buon appetite! What a wonderful way to start the day!

Chia seeds are the most potent plant based omega 3 poly unsaturated fatty acid (ALA). That is, they exhibit powerful anti-inflammatory properties with the assistance of antioxidants (30% more than blueberries) linked with reducing arthritis; reducing blood pressure and cholesterol as well as autoimmune disease. It is also believed to reduce some cancerous cells, colds and even infections.

However, their second greatest property is high fibre. The increased bulk is due to chia seeds swelling (when put in moisture) up to 10x their size. This alone will assist with weight loss, filling you up and lowering the rate at which a food increases your blood glucose levels. This in turn keeps blood glucose levels steady for longer. Athletes particularly are finding this helpful for peak performance.

The final amazing property is the grain’s high protein content (70% more than soybeans). This coupled with its moderate fat levels means it’s attractive to those preferring a lower carbohydrate paleo type meal.

Two small words of caution with chia seeds they are extremely high in salicylates and amines for people with food intolerances and water intake needs to be increased to prevent increased bulk in stools leading to constipation.

Overall I would recommend chia seeds daily and a good goal of 2 tablespoons a day would guarantee 10 grams of fibre and 2.36g ALA (meeting RDI).[Also provides 11.9g carbohydrate/4.7g protein/8.7g fat/179mg calcium/2.2mg iron, 95mg magnesium].

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