Mindful Eating Exercise – Pickle Pot Maffra, Sweet Greens Bakery -Choc Beet Muffin, Vegan, GF

Mindful Eating Exercise – Pickle Pot Maffra, Sweet Greens Bakery -Choc Beet Muffin, Vegan, GF

 First I started to examine the product ascetically. It looked like a typical chocolate muffin the type my children would make. The colour was dark velvety brown, with a contrast of beige tiny thin grated chocolate on top. If the grated chocolate wasn’t there it would have been smooth and shiny with a gloss. Its solid shape was a typical cylinder slightly wider at top verses bottom. Texture to cut was soft not typical sponge like, but bit more stoggy in weight yet still easy to cut with spoon.  It however, crumbled very easily didn’t hold its shape. Size was medium not large not small, not tall and not flat just in middle with the right rising. Once I removed the wrap the sides were rough uneven with little holes/craters yet with a shine on surface parts not in the holes and sparkled.

Before I ate it I took a smell which gave off a sweet cocoay familiar muffin like aroma. Yet further sniffs produced different sense more fruity sweet (possibly from the beetroot/orange).

Next to examine how it tasted in the mouth. I shut my eyes and felt a soft solid robust sweetish chocolatey teaspoonful on my tongue, not moving easily and had to push tongue to top of mouth to break it up into smaller grainer portions. It was then it easily melted no teeth required. But alas bits fell to the sides of my mouth prolonging the experience. The most poignant taste sensation was when I swallowed and it was then at the back of my throat that I enjoyed the chocolatey sense strongest. But a more prolonged aftertaste of sweet/sugary was left on surface of my tongue.  Temperature was neutral and easy to enjoy in haste if not intentional to slow the process down. It got moister/oilier as I got to the centre of the muffin. The second bite was not as enjoying much milder lacking in flavour almost savoury compared to the first and almost left motivation for the following.

Directly after, not to distort the experience, I drank my cup of plunger coffee. And finished the rest of the muffin with intermittent sips of coffee, surprisingly I enjoyed the muffin more. To the point it was over too quick which left me scraping down the paper wrap. It was these edge of paper left over stuck to side that was the mountain top experience,  like 100% chocolate, wondering inquisitively why maybe because it was overcooked more caramelised super sticky/fudge like and most delightful.

Overall, it was a unique experience, tasted unique healthy and nutritious. However, I have to fess up that chocolate cake isn’t a personal preference and I’d prefer a more mud like stickier type when I do partake.  Would I have it again with coffee? definately.


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Simone Godde is a highly credentialed having both a Bachelors and Masters of Science, Nutrition and Dietetics. She takes a holistic approach to health and well being then tailors it to her clients needs. She works hard to be engagingly empathetic, enlightening and empowering.

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