Zecca – Italian Summer Lunch

Zecca – Italian Summer Lunch

Insalate – Local quinoa, tomatoes, eggplant, lentils, radicchio, ricotta, balsamic vinegar; con Pane –bread scotch loaf; vino- wine Montepulciano – Warburn Estate 2017

A Mindful Eating Experience

An aesthetically-pleasing mix of three colours:  leafy greens, the beige  of lentils, eggplant and quinoa, contrasted red with tomatoes and radicchio in a large generous white bowl.

I slide my fork easily spiking the soft mix of lettuce including cos, iceberg, rocket and radicchio. The heavy balsamic dressing glaze and soft and spongy texture of  ricotta, lentils, eggplant skin and quinoa up against the firm cherry tomato.

The taste dominating was tricky to identify because I like to mix my food together hence a smooth delicate mushy ricotta, eggplant, lettuce, brown lentils, quinoa all took on the flavour of marinating dressing of the subtle balsamic both acidy yet caramel sweet and slightly oliy. Aftertaste refreshingly tangy. Reminiscent to my own Nonna’s salad she made as a side with our spaghetti Bolognese.

The first mouthful of Durif I initially thought could not be outdone, but it was, by the 2017 Warburn Montepulciano ( $38/bottle). It was atypically fruity, smooth with depth  (I stole it off my Uncle after tasting his) which totally enhanced all the flavours of the salad.

Like any good Italian the remnant of the dressing must not be wasted but soaked up by the pane – bread a scotch loaf fresh from the local bakery – crisp on outside soft sponge like bubbly on inside ensuring every morsel of food utilised. Absolutely perfect for a light lunch.

Hours past with great conversation, coffee came and I sadly had to get back to the kids, oh it was too short.


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