Chocolate Apricot Slice – Victoria Rose Restaurant and Tea Rooms, Rosedale, Victoria

Chocolate Apricot Slice – Victoria Rose Restaurant and Tea Rooms, Rosedale, Victoria

I chose this as the waitress said it was the healthiest in the cabinet??. The slice was nothing to look at. Plain beigey, slight browning of almonds on top with a shiny glaze. From the side it was mainly an off white with 2 contrasts a brown chocolate layer and random orange apricot chunks.

It smelt custardy and distinctly apricot and coconut.

To cut it took the pressure of a knife and as much as I tried couldn’t get through it easily with my spoon. There was no crispness only heavy, stodgy and very dense which was confirmed in my first bite. Very chewy, indeed.

But the taste was super confusing. Too diverse, an explosion or flavours. I will curiously try and describe. Actually I think it didn’t work altogether and I have a method to enjoy it mostly in combinations. The individual parts were actually 5 layers. Staring with the firmest bottom a standard shortbread, second: a peppery solid chocolate layer, third: soft apricot pieces, fourth: coconut cream and at last a hefty slithered almond vanillary sweet topping.

The size was a 10cm square. Which I later found was way too much for me to eat. I was satisfied with 1/3 that amount due to its richness. I found eating it a delight as I started to detail the combinations available; chocolate + shortbread; or coarse shredded coconut cream and apricot; or just caramelly almonds roasted and finally just the chocolate which was my last bite and best. The dark chocolate was strong deep, salty, peppery and hot like nothing I had tasted before.

So unique. It was sweet but not too, it was fruity with apricots, tangy with the coconut cream and caramelly with almost toffee on top with the almond glaze.

After asking the chef what was in the chocolate she agreed to tell me it was in fact chilli. She also went onto tell me this Chocolate Apricot Slice was an original recipe by the 1st owner of the café on this premise which started 30 years ago titled “Wendy Dees Grandmas recipe”. The original residence was built in 1916 and had a café extension added 30 years ago; which was later sold 2 more times to the 3rd and current owner Angella Morris a foodie and pastry chef.

What I love most was the inquiry which sent me searching how to eat. The cream to the side was decadent not sure necessary but helped compliment the firmness and dryness of the shortbread.

A magical experience of flavours. Satisfying in even small amounts. Well Done Angella! I’ll be back.


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